With the help of our solutions, any company will be able to significantly expand its presence in the market, offer the innovative products to the potential customers in various countries and cities around the world.

The benefits of AR and VR marketing approaches:

  • New points of contact with the client
  • Receiving a new information from the client for further work with him.
  • Formation of a positive image of the company.
  • Maximum immersion of the potential client into the object you propose to sell.
  • Granting the client the opportunity to interact with objects in space (changing facades, materials, managing objects) – that’s what we call the augmented reality real estate marketing.
  • The formation of a new PR case – the fact of “the introduction of virtual reality technologies” is an information reason for the media.
  • A significant increase in sales.

Concerning the advantages of VR and marketing collaboration, we would like to highlight the following:

Presentation in virtual reality – you create a whole reality and scenarios of interaction with this reality. Moreover, we can fill the virtual reality with any images or any people who can tell and show whatever you want.
It’s totally two different things – when you show a picture of a future home or when you offer to start living in the dream house and interact with its reality. The customer purchases not the house or apartment but the feeling of himself in this house or apartment. We as an innovative VR studio are able to give this feeling.

Virtual reality for sale provides a huge potential for interaction with the client. Entering the personal client’s zone gives you an opportunity to create a positive impression on your product, analyze customer’s objective and unconscious preferences beyond his control.