Industries served


  • Standardized construction and design
  • Individual construction and design
  • Civil construction and 3d building design
  • Industrial construction
  • Interior design architects
  • Furniture production
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Exhibition technologies


  • Effective sales in your office
  • Selection of interior virtual reality design, furniture, landscape and other options
  • Remote sales around the world from your office
  • Correcting the project by customer on the early stages prior to start construction
  • Conducting presentations and organizing VR events
  • Virtual exploitation of the object before the start of construction
  • Advertising and PR
  • VR architectural services (VR and 3d autocad)
  • 3d modelling architecture

VR architecture and the augmented reality construction applications are one of the most effective architectural design tools for building industry. Whether you coordinate your project with the city or country authorities, offer your project or product to the client, represent your company, values and philosophy to partners or clients, one way or another you will participate in explicit or indirect VR sales process. We can’t dictate how to sell because our customers are the world’s largest companies, but we can bring a new approach to a decision-making process, and this will increase a success of a future transaction.

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